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New Patented Device Makes 6.9 BILLION Cell Phones Worldwide Into Hands
Free Wearables & Hands Free Full-On Action Wearable Cameras

We have a universally affordable and patented hands free device that instantly transforms 6.9 BILLION cell phones - and half a billion other mobile devices worldwide - into hands free wearable mobile devices that are tightly secured anywhere on your clothing or accessories while still allowing you instant, unrestricted and unlimited access to those mobile devices without the use of belts, straps, snaps, clips or adhesives of any kind.

Likewise, our device also makes any cell phone into a hands free, go anywhere, full-on wearable action camera at a fraction of the cost of any other device. Just slap a cell phone - or any other mobile device - on whatever you’re wearing or whatever you’ve got with you, and go hands free! There is simply no other device anywhere, at any price, in this untapped global market that does more to benefit more people worldwide than our device.

Your name, on our device, means having the most powerful - and profitable - marketing tool on earth at your disposal.

Our patented device is currently available for, but not limited to, licensing for the following applications:

  • Cell Phones, iPhones, iPods, iPads, GoPros
  • Cameras, Digital Cameras, Camera Lenses, Lens Caps/Filters
  • Tablets, Small Laptops, Calculators, Voice Recorders
  • USB Drives, Thumb Drives, Hard Drives
  • Portable DVD Players, Portable TVs, CD Players
  • Medical Monitors, Sports Monitors, Fitness Monitors
  • Flashlights, Micro Work Lights, Work Gloves
  • Medication, First Aid Kits, Water, Bottles/Canteens
  • Wallets, Purses, Passports, Jogging Packs, Fanny Packs
  • Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Binoculars
  • Safety Goggles, Safety Glasses, Field Glasses
  • Handguns - secured at any angle, open or concealed carry!
  • Handguns - no hindrance to access or slowing of draw time!
  • Ammo Clips, Ammo Pouches, Arrow Quivers
  • Handcuffs, Batons, Pepper Spray, Knives/Sheaths, Police Cameras
  • ID Badges, Inventory Recorders
  • Hand Grenades / Stun Grenades
  • Blood, Life Sustaining/Feeding Drip/Non-Drip Bags, Colostomy Bags

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